Keller Williams Golden Triangle Brokerage tops 150

Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty Inc – Brokerage celebrated the milestone today at our monthly Partners Meeting. After only 11 years in business KWGTR is the largest office in Waterloo Region by agent count with 150 associates.  This represents unprecedented growth in the KW real estate market.

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Keller Williams Named a Top Training Organization Worldwide

For third consecutive year, real estate franchise recognized as a world leader in training
AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 16, 2016)Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, was recognized by Training magazine, the leading business publication for learning and development professionals, as the No. 2 training organization across all industries in the world.
The company also received an Outstanding Training Initiative Award for its Leadership Week training, a course offering focused on the development of business leaders.
“We are honored to be named as a top training organization,” said Chris Heller, CEO, Keller Williams. “At our core, we’re an education-based, innovation-focused organization. And we’re committed to providing our associates with the best training to grow their businesses throughout the world.”
On February 15, Keller Williams received the top honor at Training magazine’s annual awards gala in Orlando, Fla. For the third consecutive year, Keller Williams placed inside the Top 5 on the Training Top 125, which ranks companies’ excellence in employer-sponsored training and development programs. The company has also previously placed on the Training Top 125, outside the past three years.
“Everything we do comes from our top associates so we know it works at the highest level,” said Bryon Ellington, chief learning officer, Keller Williams. “We’re bringing the best minds in real estate together to share, collaborate and learn from each other.”

The Training Top 125 ranking is based on myriad benchmarking statistics such as total training budget; percentage of payroll; number of training hours per employee program; goals, evaluation, measurement, and workplace surveys; hours of training per employee annually; and detailed formal programs.

“At Keller Williams, we’re not only an open-books company, we’re an open-learning company,” said Dianna Kokoszka, CEO, KW MAPS Coaching. “The leaders of our company have fostered a culture of collaboration because we know that together everyone achieves more.”

The Training Top 125 ranking is also determined by assessing a range of qualitative and quantitative factors, including financial investment in employee development, the scope of development programs, and how closely such development efforts are linked to business goals and objectives.

“Because of our focus on training, we attract more new agents than other real estate franchises,” said John Davis, president, Keller Williams. “As a commissioned-based industry, our challenge is to guide thousands of new associates through our training programs so they get into production quickly and build their businesses. This creates more opportunities for them and their families.”

Keller Williams #1 Training Organization in the World

Training Magazine Names Keller Williams #1 Training Organization in the World

On the same day that Keller Williams announced it was the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world, Training Magazine named the company the world’s #1 training organization across all industries. At a Feb. 9 awards ceremony in Atlanta to honor the Training 125, Keller Williams was recognized for the growth, productivity and profitability gains resulting from its world-class education and training programs.

Training125_cover_2015“Training fuels all of our success,” said KW MAPS Coaching CEO Dianna Kokoszka.

Providing education to associates is a core belief of Keller Williams that drives the success of the company and its associates. Last year, the company set a goal to increase agent count by 14 percent. It finished 2014 with an 18 percent increase to more than 112,000 associates. The company’s agents also increased their sales by 17 percent to $185 billion, which resulted in a 16 percent increase in commissions earned.

To ensure that the most effective models and systems are included in training materials, Keller Williams constantly renews its training programs. Information compiled from the proven models and systems of top agents and leaders in the field are incorporated into training programs.

“Because of our focus on training, we attract more new agents than any othe real estate franchise,” President John Davis said. “As a commissioned-based industry, our challenge is to guide thousands of new associates through our training programs so they can get into production quickly and build their businesses. This creates more opportunities for them and more opportunities for their families.”

Through “market of the moment” training, associates are empowered to establish themselves as the expert in their local markets. Keller Williams offers training programs and courses to associates at all levels in their careers. Whether an associate is new to the real estate industry or leading a high-producing team, the wide selection of courses allows associates to select the training and coaching that will help them grow in their personal and professional lives.

“Our associates are the driving force behind the programming and training we produce,” CEO Chris Heller said. “We’re in business with agents who independently devote two to three weeks each year to participating in extensive training to build more productive and profitable businesses.”

Training Magazine highlights the Top 5 honorees in its January-February 2015 issue and applauded Keller Williams for several programs and initiatives, including:

  • Mega Agent Expansion – Mega Agent Expansion is a revolutionary new growth concept launched in 2014. The course teaches associates proven models and successful systems for retaining a core team, or shared administrative hub, while launching businesses into new regions. In 2004, Gary Keller’s bestselling book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, showed agents how to leverage exisiting models to earn $1 million annually and become “mega agents.” A decade later, top Keller Williams agents who have mastered the MREA process are searching for what’s next. Keller Williams’ wants to ensure that “next” happens within Keller Williams, so the company can continue to attract top talent. “We’re the first real estate franchise to offer a formal training program to train top agents on how and when to expand into additional markets,” Kokoszka said. “This is a revolutionary concept in real estate that provides associates with unprecedented opportunities to grow their businesses. It also challenges us to develop training on a whole new level.”
  • BOLD – BOLD is a pivotal program and a significant driver of financial success for associates. Agents enrolled in the 7-week long course see commissions rise 16 percent, and through this program, 98 percent of KW offices make a profit for the year. BOLD accerlerates productivity by priming agents with mindset exercises, language techniques and “real-play” lead generation lessons.The program is known for its live lead generation tactics where students call customers and produce real business with instructor guidance and support. This high-energy and fast moving course is taught by BOLD facilitators, seasoned top agents who undergo a rigorous certification process to become instructors. Students are organized into 10-person teams for support and are held accountable through public, weekly postings of individual production results. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the average agent completes 12 transactions in a year and generates $60,000 in commissions. During BOLD alone, agents complete 14 transactions which is equivalent to $70,000 in commissions. “That translates to half a million dollars in annual gross commission income – more than eight times the national average,” Kokoszka said. “We know BOLD participants outperform agents who have not taken BOLD by 169 percent. Moreover, the financial impact compounds as 70 percent of agents take the course repeatedly to master the techniques and boost their productivity.”

Keller Williams developed an entire department focused solely on the creation of competitive real estate and business courses. This dedication to fostering agent success and continued learning has contributed to Keller Williams becoming the largest real estate franchise in the world.

“We are honored to be named as the top training organization in business,” Heller said. “As Keller Williams continues to expand, we will bring our training programs to new regions. At our core, we’re an education-based, technology-driven company. And we’re committed to providing our associates with the best training programs to help them grow their individual businesses.”

Read more about Keller Williams and its commitment to training in the January/February 2015 issue of Training Magazine.

KW – Now World’s Largest Real Estate Franchise by Agent Count

Keller Williams Now World’s Largest Real Estate Franchise by Agent Count

After another record-setting year of growth, productivity and profitability gains, Keller Williams announced it has become the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world. The company added a net gain of 17,000 associates in 2014, increasing its worldwide associate count to more than 112,000.

“We’re #1 and we’ve just begun,” co-founder and Chairman Gary Keller said.

Keller also announced an executive leadership transition, with Chris Heller becoming CEO and John Davis stepping in as president. Heller and Davis succeed legendary Keller Williams leaders Mark Willis and Mary Tennant, who are joining Keller and Vice Chairman Mo Anderson on the company’s board of directors. The executive transition is only the third major leadership change in the privately held company’s 32-year history.

“Keller Williams truly is a company built by agents for agents,” Davis said. “We’re all agents. And we share the same mindset, values and vision.”

The announcement was made during Family Reunion, the company’s annual training and networking convention. More than 10,000 Keller Williams associates attended a special session focused on the State of the Company, with thousands more participating via watch parties from Keller Williams market centers around the world.

“We are honored, we are humbled and we are excited to get to work with you to lead Keller Williams to new opportunities,” Heller told the crowd.

For three years, Heller and Davis have been preparing for their new leadership roles. As president of KW Worldwide, Heller launched the first Keller Williams regions outside of North America. During the State of the Company presentation, Heller welcomed hundreds of international guests from more than 20 countries and introduced two new regions – KW Costa Rica and KW Spain. He also reported that last year the number of associates outside of North America more than doubled and the number of market centers more than tripled.

As vice president of growth, Davis has led the regions and a companywide recruiting and accountability initiative that has fueled historic agent count, productivity and profitability gains. Working with local and regional leaders, the Growth Initiative has increased the company’s agent base by one-third in the past two years.

“We have the best systems and models. We have the best training and coaching. We have the best people and culture. And we’re thrilled to have the best leaders to guide us through the next chapters in our extraordinary history,” Keller said.

During a dynamic, high-energy presentation featuring the success stories of individual agents, Heller and Davis announced that the company’s associates had outpaced the industry and shattered Keller Williams records in 2014:

• Transactions increased 16 percent to more than 700,000 units
• Sales volume was up 17 percent to $185 billion
• Commissions earned increased by 16 percent to almost $5 billion

The extraordinary productivity gains, which were powered by the company’s focus on training and technology, drove profitability for franchise owners (owner profit was up 22 percent year over year) and contributed to historic Profit Share distributions to associates. Each month that a market center is profitable, roughly half of its profits are returned to the associates who have helped the company grow. Ninety-eight percent of offices were profitable for the year – an astonishingly high figure for franchise businesses.

Moreover, the company shared more than $98 million with associates through Profit Share and Growth Share – an increase of 25 percent over 2013. Since the program’s inception in 1996, the company has distributed more than $573 million in profits with associates. Profit share per agent has almost tripled over the past five years.

“The opportunity to lead Keller Williams is a tremendous honor,” Heller said. “And we’re going to work hard for you every single day. We understand it’s what you do that fuels your success and ensures our collective success. And it’s thanks to you that we’ve become the largest real estate franchise in the world and are on the path to becoming the worldwide leader in transactions and sales volume.”

Davis emphasized the company’s commitment to helping agents succeed in their local markets. “It’s what you’re doing in your local market that is building your business and making you the real estate expert of choice,” he said. “And that means more opportunity for you and more opportunities for your family. Keller Williams is committed to creating deeper and more determined pathways for you to succeed faster.”

Keller Williams Realty is now the largest Real Estate Franchise in North America

With a net gain of 12,000 associates in the past year, Keller Williams Realty is now the largest real estate franchise in North America. The announcement, based on publicly available agent count data as of September 9, 2013, was made during Keller Williams Realty’s Midyear State of the Company presentation. Keller Williams is now home to more than 90,000 associates around the world.

“We are not a company of complacency,” CEO Mark Willis said. “We have the best business model in the industry and it’s leading to increased productivity, profitability and profit sharing that are at all-time highs for our company and unrivaled in our industry.”

In recent months, Keller Williams Realty has shattered its monthly records for listings taken, contracts written, commissions earned, owner profit and profit share:

  • Year over year, units are up 8 percent, closed volume is up 17 percent and gross commission income is up 18 percent.
  • Ninety-five percent of the company’s offices are profitable year to date – a figure that far outpaces the standard for franchise businesses.
  • In the past 12 months, the company has distributed $58 million in profit share to associates, a 33 percent increase over the previous year.

The strong growth, productivity and profitability gains follow a year of milestones for the company:

  • The release of the Keller Williams mobile app – personally branded for each of the company’s 90,000 associates. In the past 30 days, more than 58,000 consumers have downloaded the app to their Apple and Android devices.
  • Publication of co-founder Gary Keller’s new book, The ONE Thing, which has appeared on 117 bestseller lists, including The New York Times, where it has been on the business bestseller list for 5 months, and The Wall Street Journal, where it earned the #1 spot.

Willis used concepts from The ONE Thing to illustrate his presentation, which took place at Mega Camp, the real estate industry’s premier educational and networking event for top producers. “Keller Williams leaders, what you’re doing is lining up a perfect domino run,” he said. “Being #1 in agent count in the United States was our first domino. We’re on our way to knocking over bigger and bigger dominos until we’re #1 in agent count, transactions and volume all across the world.

Kitchener-Waterloo July 2012 Home Sales Up Over Last Year


KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON (August 3, 2012) –– There were a total of 534 home sales through the Multiple Listing System (MLS®) of the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS® (KWAR) in July, compared to 520 sales the same month a year ago, an increase of 2.7 percent.

July’s residential sales included 345 detached homes (down 2.8 percent), 42 semi-detached (up 16.7 percent), 31 townhouses (on par), and 108 condominium units (up 14.9 percent).

“While the summer has been a real scorcher so far, we continue to see steady consumer demand through the month of July”, says Sara Hill, president of KWAR. “On a year-to-date basis, the number of residential transactions is neck and neck with last year’s results.”

Last month’s sales bring the total number of residential sales year-to-date to 3,998, an increase of 0.7 percent compared to 2011.

The average sale price of all residential sales in July was $303,896, a 0.6 percent increase over the average sale price recorded in July 2011. Single detached properties sold for an average price of $346,894, a 1.6 percent increase relative to one year ago.

Reflecting the increased number of semis and condos that were purchased in July, the strongest price gains were seen in semi-detached homes and condos, with the average price of a semi increasing 7.7 percent to $242,642, and condominium sale prices increasing 7.3 percent to $212,884 compared to the same period last year.

“Overall in July, we experienced the slow but steady pace of sales that is very typical of the summer months. That being said, I am pleased by the increase of semi and condo sales last month”, adds Hill. “It tells me that the entry level buyers and downsizers are still moving nicely.”

The KWAR cautions that average sale price information can be useful in establishing long term trends, but should not be used as an indicator that specific properties have increased or decreased in value. The average sale price is calculated based on the total dollar volume of all properties sold. Those requiring specific information on property values should contact a local REALTOR.


K-W Only= MLS® transactions through the KWAR within the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo. All Area= K-W Only plus the townships of Woolwich, Wellesley, Wilmot and any out-of-jurisdiction sales sold through KWAR.The use of average price information can be useful in establishing long term trends, but does not indicate actual prices in centres comprised of widely divergent neighbourhoods or account for price differential between geographic areas. Statistical information contained in this report includes all housing types. Those requiring specific information on property values should contact a REALTOR®.



Fixed or Variable Mortgage?

One of the most common questions that I get from both buyers and sellers is whether they should go with a fixed or variable mortgage in the next few years.

I found this very brief video from the Globe and Mail that outlines the thought process that will help you make the right decision.

If you have any questions please call me.  I have some valuable resources that I can provide you with to help you discover your best plan of action.