For Sellers

Why does William Willard stand out in the Crowd?

Whether it is a young family purchasing their first home in Elmira, the sale of a bed and breakfast in Elora or a duplex for sale in Kitchener-Waterloo, William Willard is the perfect choice to help you make your dreams come true. 

William started helping families with their most important financial decisions in the mid 70’s. Throughout a business career that has encompassing over 40 years, he has established and maintained a wealth of friendships with people who started out as clients.

William’s early experience in the hospitality industry, sales, financial planning, accounting, tax law and business development along with his history in Toronto’s advertising and corporate communications industries has served his clients well over the years. This provides him with the skill set necessary to consistently create the right program to successfully and effectively market and promote virtually every property he accepts.

Not only a Realtor but a true professional Salesperson

There are a lot of real estate agents who are very happy to Put your house on MLS, Put their sign on your front lawn and then Pray that some other agent sells your home for them. We call that the 3 P’s of Real Estate. We feel that we need to add some additional P’s the equation.

William proactively Prospects for buyers and sellers on a daily basis because you can’t harvest the fruit without shaking the trees.

We also use tools like print fliers and brochures as well as agent open houses to Promote your property to other local Realtors – so that they can in turn market your listing to their buyers.

Stage your home to sell it for top dollar

Once you have decided that you want William to sell your home for you, he will provide a consultation in your home with a qualified home staging specialist.  Staging specialists are trained to look at your home through the eyes of a buyer and assist you to create a creative and artistically pleasing presentation for those buyers.

Using technology to sell your home

William then starts with his website to create a mini-site for each listing.  He then develops a customized web marketing program that includes streaming video property infomercials or virtual tours and email marketing.

Unlike most brokerage websites, all of Williams featured properties listings are properly search engine optimized to maximize their exposure on Google, Bing and a wealth of other search engines. This combined with Keller William’s extensive web distribution system insures that your property is properly exposed to the marketplace on an impressive list of websites.

William also utilizes the latest in Interactive Voice Response technology along with his toll free number to allow walk-by traffic to instantly get the details of each client’s property simply by dialling a telephone number and extension provided on our yard signs.

Enlisting your neighbours to help sell your house

William believes that no open house is complete unless you invite the neighbours (and their friends, relatives and coworkers). Well in advance of every open house, we will notify the neighbouring properties of the event and ask them to think of who among their acquaintances might like to live in the neighbourhood.   We do this because many of your neighbours know people who may be fabulous prospects for your home.  It’s all about getting the word out.

Our goal is to attract multiple offers for your home that are over the asking price.