Why Keller Williams?

Come join us and discover why your should consider joining the Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty family. Every month we host a special  info session for:

  • Realtors from other brokerages considering a change
  • people who are considering a career in Real Estate Sales.

This info session will give you true insight into the reasons for Keller Williams’ amazing growth across North America and now Internationally.  We will discuss our unique profit share program, our award winning training and our unique culture that actually rewards cooperation and mentorship.

Join me for our monthly Career in Real Estate Seminar in Kitchener Ontario.

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with Keller Williams Realty

Find out why you should consider a career in real estate at Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty.  We will show you how to get your license and why your only real option to learn how to sell real estate is at Keller Williams Realty. We offer:

  • Training in real estate sales from the company that was named the number 1 training company in The World (according to Training Magazine 2015) regardless of industry type.
  • An environment where you are empowered to succeed.
  • A system of accountability that is unmatched in the real estate industry
  • profit sharing

Why should you consider a career in Real Estate?

I think back to a conversation 40 years ago when a wise man said.

“Son –  If you’re going to sell for a living, sell a big ticket item. It takes the same skills and efforts and you make lot more money.”

When you think about it residential real estate is arguably the best “big ticket Item” out there these days. A single sale often pays more than most people make a month and you don’t have to store your inventory. And very often one sale leads to another. A family that lists their home with you will often let you help them buy a different home.

There’s more to a career selling real estate than just a lot of income potential. There is also an incredible opportunity to actually change the lives of virtually every client in a positive way. You will become a trusted adviser that helps people realize their dreams.

Whether that dream is a first home, the home where all the kids have their own rooms, some investment properties for their retirement, helping their children buy their first homes and then the nice little bungalow for their final years – you are there for it all. And you are also there for their children and their friends.

Why should you choose Keller Williams?

Generally real estate is a very competitive business. Even within the same company and offices.

Keller Williams is a unique company in that its all about learning and making ourselves better people so that we can make our own dreams come true.

Click here to connect with our Team Leader to speak about a career
with Keller Williams Realty