The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Book

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor: Anyone Can Do It…Not Everyone Will…Will You?

When Wendy Patton bought her first investment property she was living in a hotel, made $20,000 a year, and owed that much in student loans. Today Wendy has bought and sold more than 600 houses.

Jimmy and Linda McKissack struggled for years to turn a restaurant and nightclub into a sustainable business. They began supplementing their income through investment properties. Within five years they went from a handful of investment homes to 83 residential properties worth over $10 million.

Based on extensive research and interviews with more than 120 millionaire real estate investors like these, Gary Keller’s “how-to” guide reveals the models, strategies and fundamental truths millionaires use to become wealthy through real estate investing.

But the book isn’t just about real estate. It also takes a hard look at the money myths that hold some people back and the money truths that let others soar. The book begins by exploring the “MythUnderstandings” about the way people view investing. For example, Keller explains, despite what most people think, investing by definition and design isn’t risky. Millionaire real estate investors employ time-tested strategies to avoid risk and, in the end, take luck out of the game.